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New for 2013-2014 school year...

- New Apple iMac for digital imaging and editing

- Wacom digital tablet for drawing and image manipulation 

- Revision of State standards in draft phase... Staying on the 'cutting edge' with industry!

Valdosta High School's Graphic Communications program is PrintED certified and accredited in the areas of Introduction to Graphic Communications, Advertising Design, and Digital File Preparation. Students who complete all of the courses in the program (we call them "pathway completers") will have an opportunity to take the PrintED/SkillsUSA Graphic Communications Skills Assessment before they graduate. Passing this assessment, and meeting the PrintED competencies, further ensures our graduates are workforce ready.
As a result of consistently teaching to Georgia's standards for Graphic Communications, our students will continue to be introduced to 'real-world' experiences in the Graphic Communications classroom and lab. These experiences are designed to closely parallel current trends in the industry. Be sure to visit the "Document Manager" area to download and view PDF/Word doc files of the standards for each of the three courses offered, as well as course syllabi and the PrintED competencies.
I'm also excited about the continued learning opportunities offered through the RCampus web site. Again this year, advanced students are building online portfolios through the RCampus web site. While this project has had its share of glitches to work through, the process and end result are beneficial for the students. I'll continue to implement the development of an online portfolio in my advanced classes for the 2013-2014 school year, and will likely incorporate the project in my Introduction course.

Digital Imaging

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